Recreational Boat Injuries

Have You Sustained Injuries at Sea While on a Cruise Ship?


Here are some of the most common ways people get injured while on cruise ships:

  • Trips, slips and falls.
  • Food poisoning and contracting contagious diseases.
  • Assault or sexual battery by other passengers or crew members.
  • Drowning.


What Rights Do You Have As a Cruise Ship Passenger?

  • Victim of cruise ship accidents do have rights. You may be able to receive compensation for injuries and trauma experienced while vacationing on a cruise ship.
  • If an accident or mishap occurs due to provable negligence by the cruise line or any of its representatives and/or employees, then they are liable for damages.
  • Pay attention to the “choice of law” provision, which is usually in small print at the bottom of your cruise ticket. This provision informs you of which legal agency holds jurisdiction over incidents that occur on the cruise ship.
  • Few allegations of sexual assault while on a crew ship ever make it to court. Sexual assault is extremely difficult to prove, and the absence of trained police onboard most cruise ships means that it is easy for evidence of the assault to be altered or erased. If you have been sexually assaulted while on a cruise ship, then a personal injury lawyer can help you figure out the best way to present your case.


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