Where to Find a Lawyer

Here are some five tactics you can use to find a good lawyer to represent you after a boat accident:

  1. Ask for Referrals from Family, Friends and Colleagues
  2. Since your case is unique, take all referrals with a grain of salt. You always need to interview any potential lawyer to make sure they understand the laws that apply to your specific situation. However, referrals are always a great place to start with finding a lawyer. The people you trust will refer you lawyers they trust. And nothing matters more than trust when it comes to finding and hiring a lawyer to represent you in your case.

  3. Search for Boat Accident Lawyers in Your Area on the Internet
  4. The Internet is your greatest weapon in your quest to find the best lawyer to represent you. Don’t necessarily believe anything you read online, but search through the local online listings for your hometown or the area where you boat accident occurred. Read everything you can find including any feedback on specific lawyers posted in online forums or review sites.

  5. Go Where Lawyers Hang Out and Network
  6. If you are still struggling to find the right lawyer, then networking functions that attract lawyers are a great option for you to pursue. You may have to attend more than one event in order to find the right lawyer, but you will have a chance to ask many questions and hear many answers on your search. From restaurants and bars to country clubs, art museum events and professional association meetings, there are many different likely places where you can find lawyers hanging out casually. A little effort hunting down networking events will go a long way toward setting you up with a nice set of lawyers to choose from.

When you are searching for a lawyer to represent you in the event of a boat accident, make sure to ask plenty of questions. Boat accidents generally fall within the wider domain of personal injury law, but there are specific maritime laws that may apply to your case. Not every lawyer will be well-versed in these laws.

Take the time to ask good questions and interview more than one lawyer before choosing one to represent you. The more questions you ask, and the more lawyers you talk to, the better. Lawyers knowledgable in the specific laws that apply to your case will quickly stand out if you put in the effort to ask good questions and note their answers well.